Who We Are?

Who We Are?

Jaguar Fitness Came to an existence in the year 2K18 it was founded by Mr.Jayraj, Mr.Darshan and Mr.Ajay. Jaguar fitness Club, featuring a dynamic mix of modern equipments and training spaces, to accommodate any workout. A jam packed schedule of group exercise, class facilities are also available and best Personal training from our Pro Team.  From power lifters to body builders, homemakers and seniors. Jaguar fitness is the biggest fitness club Spreaded Over 5k.Sqft on a Single Floor with World Class Facilities located at BTM Layout.

Jaguar fitness sets its foundation in its coaching staff, who above all, love and support of our members and always keeping in mind each individual’s personal fitness goals. We understand the unique needs of our members, and we strive to meet those who needs a PUSH each and every day. We hold one another accountable as family and friends, and we share in each other’s triumphs and frustrations alike.

And at the end of the day, it’s our passion as a Team to help our clients achieve their fitness goals, that sets us apart from other gyms! Come take a tour today and enrol to avail the best offers.